Brick tiles. Where do they come from?

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Brick tiles coming from the 13th century BC


The birth of brick tiles can be traced back to more than 25,000 years in certain forms… Glazed bricks tiles though, were first found at the Elamite Temple at Chogha Zanbil, which dated back to the 13th century BC.

The Spanish term for tile ‘Azulejo’ or ‘azulejo ladrillo’ – brick tile comes from Arabic and means literally ‘glazed clay’.

In basic terms a Pissano brick tile is no different to those made all those years ago and is the end result of cooking glazed clay making it waterproof and in some cases shiny. Although tiles can come in all sorts of geometric shapes, the most common shapes are square or rectangular in from like in the specialist Pissano collection.

These days it’s true that tiles are cooked at much higher temperatures and over longer periods of time. Industrially manufactured tiles can withstand all types of scenarios and boast amazing technical characteristics.

The advancements in the capabilities with regards to the limitless decorations that ink jet printing machines can give to the surface of the brick tiles can determine the whole look of the areas where they are used. Small brick tiles penetrate style to areas of your home that can be troublesome to clean with minimal maintenance and amazing hygiene – for this reason mainly are at the forefront of wall and floor covering options in 2019.



Development of the brick tiles


You can get worn looks like that of the Gregal Moroccan style model in the Pissano collection which give you the feel of the passing of time but the piece of mind that it will ‘wear no more’ and maintain the same look whatever the weather.. Hallways, recesses, bathroom floors, accent walls or even garden pathways look great with these patterned tiles!


The brick tile Alboran immaculately emulates the traditional handcrafted surfaces tiles used to have when they made individually and always by hand. The shiny finish not only gives that vintage look that is so on trend currently, it sparkles with light and is cleaned with ease and dried in just a few seconds simply wiping the surface.


The Pissano collection gives you countless options when mixing brick tiles with patterned, Moroccan or Victorian style tiles os what you seek for your home so enjoy being imaginative and please do send us pictures of the end result!!

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