The decor of your home deserves some changes

It’s time for makings changes in your home decoration Your home has given you security in times of uncertainty and, lately, it has been a truly versatile space. The living room is a gym in the morning and an exciting … Read More

What tiles are trending in 2019?

Tiles trends 2019   The trends in tiles change every few years, this year 2019 the trends have been towards geometric designs, reliefs/embossed finishes, aged effects, impeccable installation, and of course wood look tiles.   Geometric designs   Geometric designs with … Read More

Metro tiles, the iconic ceramic tile of the 20th century

The history of the metro tiles White, black or green. Bevelled edges and glossy enamel. This was the first metro style tile manufactured to line the New York subway in 1904. George Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge, the architects … Read More

Balancing colours with small format tiles; cool vs warm

Small format tiles. Cool and warm tones   Balancing colours when selecting small format tiles can be a real challenge with so many options available to you but it can also reap thrilling rewards. Your selection needs to feel 100% … Read More

Brick tiles. Where do they come from?

Brick tiles coming from the 13th century BC   The birth of brick tiles can be traced back to more than 25,000 years in certain forms… Glazed bricks tiles though, were first found at the Elamite Temple at Chogha Zanbil, … Read More

Moroccan style tiles in trend

‘Go simple’, ‘go safe’, ‘you don’t want to get fed up with a heavy design’, ‘that design will go out of fashion’… These are the comments of advice many of you will hear when picking a design plan for your … Read More

Spanish tiles are the way forward

Porcelain and ceramic tiles have become the ‘go-to’ materials not only for half the wall in the bathroom and the kitchen backsplash like the old days, but for all the bathroom with 100% wall and floor coverage the norm, kitchen … Read More