Ceramic Tiles in urban areas, a new vogue in green cities

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Ceramic tiles match urban requirements

Ceramic tiles are resistant, aesthetically pleasing on the eye not to mention extremely versatile. City areas need to be practical but why not look superb at the same time?? Air purifying rain screen cladding, anti-slip areas such as pedestrian crossings all of which need very little to no maintenance! This is what the architects and designers are trending towards these days.

These city areas are subject to the most extreme climate conditions. They carry huge amounts of human traffic daily – by 2030 it is expected that 5 billion people will live in cities… That is a massive 60% of the entire world population!! Therefore, it is paramount that cities and all urban spaces are designed efficiently to help make people’s lives more enjoyable and hassle-free.

As the world of ceramics develops so does its technology. Tiles come in all sizes and finishes, the options are endless and much greater than other natural materials such as stone or marble. Ceramic tiles can totally cater for any outdoor urban requirements!

Rainbow Magenta, Lilac, Amethyst series
Rainbow Magenta, Lilac, Amethyst series

Using ceramic tiles in urban areas

Tiles can be used to make attractive drainage systems. They can be the surface of beautiful yet remarkably resistant city furniture. You can even print murals on them to create artistic walls – there simply are no limits.

The small city of Vila-real, Castellón, is an epicenter of ceramic manufacture. It is the home of many of the world’s most famous and prestigious ceramic producing factories and often leads the way in terms of new ceramic usages.

On the main square in the city at ‘La Mayorazga’ you can see an iconic fountain using porcelain tiles which have stood up to the tests of the extremities over time due to its non-porous surface and impressive mechanical strength.

The Pissano Rainbow porcelain collection is colorful, fresh, and with its small 15x15cm format really lights up this area with its chromatic combinations!!!

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