What tiles are trending in 2019?

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Tiles trends 2019


The trends in tiles change every few years, this year 2019 the trends have been towards geometric designs, reliefs/embossed finishes, aged effects, impeccable installation, and of course wood look tiles.


Geometric designs


Geometric designs with the most modern and colourful novelty. You have to be very careful when decorating with this type of tiles as you can create very dazzling effects but we have to avoid making spaces too dizzy.

It is a perfect design to combine with other options and draw attention to a certain area of the bathroom or kitchen.


Reliefs/embossed finishes

Tiles can now be produced with a palette of options in regards to reliefs and textured finishes. It does not matter if they are light lines that are practically unnoticeable without feeling the surface of the tiles or if they are deep grooves or even depth creating a whole different 3D aspect.


Aged effects


These are most suitable for vintage style decorations. Tiles that seem to have suffered the passage of time, but with on-trend, current colours. This aged effect can also be combined with geometric designs, thus getting a little nuanced look as we mentioned before.


Impeccable installation

The installation of metro tiles is supposed to create a brick wall effect so, therefore, they need to be installed perfectly to get the most out of the desired look. The edges, instead of being smooth and with flush joints, should protrude creating a brick effect that can be very retro but also give a certain air of restored housing.


Wood look tiles


Due to massive technological advances, tile manufacture is now capable of producing tiles that seem so close to the material it is emulating you have to question why you would go for the real thing? Natural wood flooring can be burnt, scratched, and ruined by water very easily – all of which are problems you do not have with porcelain or ceramic tiles!

Tile imitations of marble, slate and other stones boast the same advantages and achieve a similar effect with the very high definition prints at of course much more affordable prices.

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